Dark Darkness: Web series unfolds across the genres

by Cait Auer

A nerd, a snakeman, a vampire wizard and a sorcerous ninja queen walk into a bar. No, this isn’t the start of a bad joke at Comic Con. This is the world of Dark Darkness.
Dark Darkness is a web series that crosses every genre in the nerd kingdom of fantasy, infusing comedy, action and music into a delightfully engaging and wildly creative show. Wilson Large, a veteran in the film industry, created the series after becoming a fan of Ben Eisner’s “Serial Killer” play The Dastardly Death of Doctor Darkness. The characters created in Eisner’s play became the basis for Wilson Large to create his own narrative in the world of Doctor Darkness, and thus Dark Darkness was born.
While Dark Darkness has been in the works since 2008, Wilson Large finished writing in 2011 and has been working hard to see his screenplay come to life. “I found the process to be extremely challenging, while keeping up with the duties of home life and owning a small business,” said Large, who sold his business Current Media Productions in 2011 to pursue his dream of bringing Dark Darkness to the web. Now the first episode is completed and available online, and the second episode will be available in early June.
The first episode, “Ronald’s Summoning,” begins in a CGI world of Dungeons and Dragons where we find an elf, ninja, warrior, sorceress, and a bard doing battle against a giant troll (I told you it crosses ALL genres of the nerd realm). We also meet Ronald, one of the main characters of Dark Darkness. Ronald is an uber-nerd, complete with pocket protector, glasses and a lisp, who seems overly concerned with the need for snacks.
In the second episode, “Mordecai’s Masquerade,” we are introduced to Mordecai, a flute playing ex-rockstar who is dressed in disguise as Jesus. After being searched out by his old bandmates and found in a bar that resembles something from Dusk Till Dawn, Mordecai ends up kicking some ass and finding that he has been summoned to a “Darkness Convention.” Both episodes are a part of “season zero,” which is meant to set up the series and create a fan base for Dark Darkness.
So far, Wilson Large has written season zero, one and two with season zero currently in production.
“Based on the current 6-8 minute episode model, I have 22 more episodes written. I am going to produce two more for sure over the next year,” Large said. “These two episodes will each introduce Jerry the Snakeman and Ganamazol the Sorceress Ninja Queen. After those two are complete, my plan is to use those episodes to build a fan base and go after funding for the rest of the series.”
Funding is something that any web series needs, but especially one that is as grand in scale as Dark Darkness. “There are a whole lot of people helping to create the show. The most recent episode, titled “Mordecai’s Masquerade,” had something like 90 people in the credits,” Large said.
Large wears many hats during the production of Dark Darkness, from writer to producer to editor; the series is Large’s baby. “I sometimes think I know what it must feel like to carry a baby for a long time. I just know I am going to give birth to this thing at some point and the longer it gestates the more eager I get to see it come out,” he proclaimed.
Others help get each episode out to masses. “The ones who are working with me throughout the whole process are Jim Pidgeon and James Gillies. I am currently seeking one or two more co-producers to help keep the process clipping along,” Large said. “It’s just so much work for one person, or even two or three.”
Large hopes to continue to create Dark Darkness for years to come so that fans can watch the growth of the characters and see the story unfold. A music video is also in the works. For more information and to watch episodes of Dark Darkness visit www.darkdarkness.com.