Le Beat

I’ve got my party hat on and ready to bring you another column of The Scoop… err.. le Beat! YES!

What’s Up! has shirts for sale for the first time in awhile, you can see the ad for ‘em on page 9 (with Merch HOT captain Django Bohren as the model). The design was done by Nat Damm, drummer for Akimbo and Sandrider awhile back and we finally got the shirts dialed in. You’ll be able to purchase them at Merch Bot for $20 – get ready to feel sexy when you do.

Andddddddddd…. that’s about it for What’s Up! news, now to the rock! Gonna really try and blow through these tidbits – we don’t have much space this month, so I’ll keep it brief.

Set & Dissection are a new band that, and I’m just going out on a limb here, will be amazing. Josh and Peter from Todos Somos Lee have teamed up with Drew and Wendelin from the Rootops with a sound that’s described as “heavier, progressive, complex mathy.” Like 20 minute songs with no jamming. You read right – 20 minutes, no jamming. They’re playing the Redlight on May 11 with Falling Upstiars.

Zach Zinn has teamed up with Sunshine just in time for their May 16 show at the Shakedown opening up for White Hills and Kinski. I know there’s a bunch of you that just went “holy shit, Kinski, no way!” But, check out White Hills – they are one of the most mind blowing bands I’ve ever heard. Seriously. They sound like heaven in my head.
Did I mentionlast month that Kreestoe has joined Acorn Project? Did I mention that’s awesome? It is.

Lamppost Revival have a new album hitting the world on June 8. Not sure what the future of the band is going to be from there as Tyler (and possibly others) are headed down to Portland after graduation (this spring). Think the album is kind of a last hurrah – They’ve been a great band in town and will be missed.

Sexy, sexy So Adult have released a new 7″ on Art of the Underground out of New York. Stoked to have some new music by the four piece (one original and a Superchunk cover), but I’m ready for the full album. I think they’re just waiting on engineer Jackson Long to get back from Death Cab for Cutie tour (where he’s the drum tech) in order to finish up. Soon I hope.

Human Infest are releasing a CD/recording on June 2nd at the Jinx space. Leaked songs point to punk rock, punk rock and more punk rock. Punk rock at an all ages venue – it’s the perfect marriage. Especially if you like punk rock. Casey Nolan does.
Welp, Dog Shredder sure got a lot of love from the press with their latest release, Brass Tactics. If I remember correctly, Sound on the Sound, The Seattle Weekly, the Stranger and even Pitchfork (YES. PITCHFORK) all wrote about the goods (all with glowing reviews – Pitchfork gave it 7.6!). HELL YEAH!

Sean McKee, who you might recognize from his time in The Narrows, Zorbatron, and Moons and Goochers has a new thing going on – he’s opening a law practice! Just like Jeff Braimes is the rock ‘n’ roll realtor, Sean will be the rock ‘n’ roll lawyer – he’s the only lawyer in town that has actually been in local bands and been written about in What’s Up!. Ya know the town has grown up when one of our own is now a lawyer! His ad can be found right on page 7.

The Green Frog has been giving you some soul lately and expect more in May with Jordan Rain spinning soul nights on Tuesday and The Lucky Brown playing on May 12 with Rippen Chicken. I’m hoping to get owner James Hardesty a “I like to get funky” t-shirt.
The Urban Music Festival will be held on June 1st and 2nd at the Wild Bufalo with Polecat, Dream Science Circus, Snug Harbor, and The Primetime Band among others. Also on June 2nd, you can find Vaughn Kreestoe and Yogoman Burning Band playing live and for free in the alley. Check out their ad for more details. It’s right there >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Last band standing is wrapping up this month with a few two more initial shows in May, then the semifinals with the grand finale happening on May 31. The shows have been a great success – god knows Bellingham loves free shows with good music. I was bummed Sugar Sugar Sugar and the Palisades didn’t make it through, but that’s life in the big (small) city. Check out our website, www.whatsup-magazine.com for updates. And remember, all shows are at the Underground on Thursday evenings, roughly from 8pm till 10pm, though they’ve been running over with time.

A few folks have asked for an update on Lucas Hicks. I won’t go into specifics, but the treatment he was hoping for, it turns out, wasn’t going to work. He is now getting aggressive treatment for the new tumor and will be for much of the next six months. Please send your thoughts, prayers and love to him. On a side note, the benefit for Lucas made a ridiculous amount of money – once again showing one of the reasons why I love this town so much. Lots of good people who really care.

There’s a new service in the community that you should check out called www.evergreenlist.com. Basically, they’re like Craiglist, but instead of selling things, you can rent ‘em. It’s pretty damn genius, really. Last I checked there were amps, a car, lots of outdoor equipment – all for rent at reasonable prices. The idea is to utilize what’s already out there – so if you need anything or have something you think would be great to rent, check it out.

Some savages broke into the Hub Bike Shop in April, stealing staff tools, new inventory and cash. To help out, there will be a fundraiser on May 18 at The Shakedown with Rhombu$, So Adult and Totalizer. $5, but you can give more. Hub is a great bike shop and runs on a bare bones budget – please help if you can.

Lastly, I’d like to thank a few folks for their help with the magazine. First off, I’d like to thank Shadi Garman who helps each month with the 11 questions – she gets a few of ‘em in each issue, which is great. I’d also like to thank Michelle Schutte for her help this issue. With a few days to go before press, we found ourselves without a cover. I asked Michelle for help and she not only took care of it, she got me in touch with Jessica Lynn Bonin whose work I love. Each month, Michelle is there to talk about the paper, give advice or just listen – she absolutely rules. Thanks Michelle!!

This le beat was brutally short. Watch for more updates on our website, www.whatsup-magazine.com and on facebook.

Hugs and Kisses.