Beats Antique – Summer Meltdown

Alright, so I have a friend; a friend who knows the “business” when it comes to musical interplay — chord changes, drum rolls, and subtle nuances between time changes.  I consider him an expert, as an expert I am not.  I like what I like.  I might even play the hell out of a track, if I enjoy it enough —  over and over again, until the point that Lady Gaga decides to rip it off.  Beats Antique is one of those groups.  And as a result, I’ve come to heart the trio’s infectious, dub-step/electronica melodies.

This Oakland-based trio of instrumental aficionados breathes life into spacey beats with tons of energy and earns serious artistic style points for both online visual performances, as well as live gigs.  Take note, Beats Antiques website offers a Steampunk explosiion of delight.  Members David Satori (guitar, saz, viola, and percussion), Sidecar Tommy Cappel (keys, toy piano, drums, and percussion), and Zoe Jakes (belly dancer, composer, and producer) lare able to lead their audiences through energetic compositions that would inspire the Notre Dame marching band to leave their polyester uniforms in their wardrobe and don a belly dancer’s vibrant ensemble.

Unfortunately however, like many facets of the entertainment biz, I was unable to get much from the outfit’s press personnel, thus my hands are tied in bringing you the personalities that shape one of my favorite new groups (insert “Awwww” here).  Despite these unlucky parameters I will try my best to win you over, by highlighting the group’s unique sound and desire for creative, and awe-inspiring performances.  Time to get my belly skirt on.

Classically-trained members David Satori and Tommy Cappel embarked on world travels early in the group’s history, in order to fill their passports with fresh sounds from the likes of West Africa, Bali, and Serbia.  The result was not only a marked record of stamps from different countries, but an extended resume Multicultural Music 101.  According to Beat’s homepage, Satori and Cappel’s travels enhanced their mighty prowess with instrumentals, digital mixes, hip hop, and jazz.

The eclectic and refreshingly unpredictable musical presence of Beats Antique extends to their third member Zoe Jakes, a choreographer extraordinaire.  Jakes lends her energetic and seductive dance productions to the group’s on-stage performances.  Trained in ballet and belly dancing, live-shows and hips gyrate to the mix of dubstep and electro-acoustic beats of the future.

The standards for perfection are the result of an unrelenting desire for innovation, extensive touring experience and the need to keep their listeners from sitting still.  Beat’s seeks out the most energetic musical tours to bring their horns, brass band, swing and electronica sounds to life.  Included in the trio’s past shows are Lalapalooza, Austin City Limits, and performances with Bass Nectar.  Satori, the mad scientist behind the fiddle and banjo, explains the deceptively small set-up of their live shows, results in a large impression of explosive beats and bass indicative of the dubstep genre, one of Beat’s greatest influences.

What makes Beats Antique even more equipped for longevity within the musical universe is that they self-produce all their compositions, from gypsy-dance choreography to the experimental sound effects, leaving the artistic integrity up to them.

Another thrilling performance rich with rhinestones, “Wub, Wub, Wubbing,” and a volatile brass and horn section are set to play at this year’s Summer Meltdown on August 11th in Darrington.  Belly chains are optional, but my suggestion is to drink a lot of water and forgo the 5 Hour Energy shot — you won’t need it.

(editor’s note: during the show, look up to the sound booth where you’ll find ex-pat Rich Canut running sound!).