East Coast Dave – East Coast Dave Smites Evil

East Coast Dave plays in bands like Hoss, Black Tommy, and The Valves, working with Feed & Seed and The Quickdraw Stringband along the way. East Coast Dave Smites Evil is his solo debut and gives Dave a chance to write songs without consulting any band members.

From his description of the album, Dave shies away from any strict genre labels for the album, pointing towards hints of rock, bluegrass, blues, folk, punk, and country, which are all definitely prevalent throughout. His sense of humor pervades through the record in song titles like “Talks Out His Ass” and “Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing.” The record is varied simply because it appears to be a collection of songs Dave’s had for a while. It’s as if we get a peek into his musical past and the type of sounds he’s experimented with. I get this sense because he addresses the drug references on the record as something of the past for him, although he has strong beliefs towards them.

He demonstrates strong songwriting skills on “Slacker’s Blues,” an aptitude for Southern rock on “Police Man,” and a narrative against the police on “I Smell Bacon.” Though the record is well executed, certain cues give the impression that this is not completely finished.

All in all, Smites Evil is just plain fun to hear, allows Dave to showcase his many talents, and on a more trivial note the cover just plain rules.