Emosean, Cedaa, Storm & Trooper: June 28 at The Wild Buffalo

You can always judge how good a show is by how many people get up and sporadically dance on stage. The more body moving and booty shaking, the better. Luckily, Storm & Trooper, Cedaa and Emosean, three Bellingham-based DJs, brought the bass (and plenty of catchy R&B hooks) to the Wild Buffalo stage on Thursday, June 28 and there was no lack of booty-shakin’ base.

Storm & Trooper, a duo who DJ in delightfully gimmicky Storm Trooper helmets, gave the crowd a preview of what was to come: smooth, synthy beats, deep base, and music the crowd could dance to. In typical Wild Buffalo fashion, the crowd didn’t thicken until around 11:30, but Storm & Trooper kept the crowd moving as more people filed in. When Cedaa, also known as 21-year-old Simon Ho, took the stage, everyone was drunk, excited, and ready to move.

Ho has been DJ-ing since 2010, and has gained notoriety for his tracks that mix electronic beats, samples and heavy bass. Cedaa’s brand of electronica is refined and wonderfully understated; it doesn’t need to slap you in the face to make you stop, pause and appreciate it.

Perhaps the best part of Cedaa’s tracks is he samples R&B hooks on many of his songs. Would you like a side of 3LW or Snoop Dogg in your electronica? Then Cedaa is your boy. With each track, there were recognizable elements from 90s-era R&B and hip-hop tracks from layered over chopped-and-screwed, disjointed beats. Cedaa’s music is the type you could imagine yourself listening to in a seedy, subterranean nightclub – you feel cooler just listening to it.

As Cedaa’s set finished up, Emosean, 23-year-old Sean Dutton, took the stage. Dutton’s energy was explosive, and the pair balance each other well. Whereas Cedaa’s music is hook-heavy, Emosean artfully mixes rhythms and beats to create dance music that does what good dance music should do: get people moving.

At this point, the crowd was ready to move and Emosean didn’t disappoint. He seemed to feed off the crowd’s energy, and looked like he was legitimately enjoying himself on stage, encouraging people to let loose. Cedaa eventually came on stage again, and as the two mixed together, there was not a single person on the floor who wasn’t moving.

Guys in baseball caps and loose-fitting jeans, girls in too short dresses on their 21st birthdays, and the guy who is too drunk and doesn’t-normally-do-this-but-tonight-is-an-exception-and-please-don’t-post-these-pictures-on-facebook all made an appearance on stage, and Cedaa and Emosean took it all in stride.

Who says Bellingham is a haven for guys with beards and acoustic guitars? The show was an excellent showcase of some of the finest electronica in Bellingham.