Feather & Bone – Blue Mouse demo

Feather & Bone is a Bellingham-based rock group featuring James Tuttle, Michael Vincent, Andy Katsikapes, Alex Fulton, and Matias Morel. Frequent faces in the local music scene, these folks love to play live music. And up until this moment, live was the only medium that I had experienced. With high expectations, their Blue Mouse Demo was sadly not completely up to par.

Live, they are energetic, spunky and fun. On CD, I’m bored. Choosing to take on a psychedelic label for your genre is a commitment. With complete swagger, their live sets are great. But some tracks on the album appear to be trying too hard to master a slightly muffled, obscure sound. Feather & Bone needs to let loose and turn it up. More energy! More presence! More enthusiasm!

Perhaps five tracks was not enough to truly encapsulate their essence. Perhaps they were so focused on the technical aspects, that the attitude portion got forgotten. Perhaps I am just in a bad mood.

Let’s be positive. Feather & Bon has lots of promise. They are talented musicians. They do not make huge errors and my ears do not bleed in the slightest. And on the last track, “Lady of Shade”, there is a trumpet portion that is wonderful. Keep on keeping on, boys. More concerts and more albums please. As Jay-Z said, on to the next one.