Mostafa – The Calendar Year

On this release Mostafa kills it. Like a Jackhammer he is relentlessly on time and he spits so much soul, it’ll make your mother cry. The sample work is omnipresent and flawless. Every song feels brand new and has a unique tone. Super reverb soaked backing instruments create an ambiance that is almost thick enough to cut with a knife, but never too imposing. Track 8 titled “Around Midnight (Kisses in the Wind),” seems to take this concept and carry it to the perfect extreme.

The beats are simple, but tasteful, always pressing forward, but never boring or lackluster. The stylish drum work leaves plenty of room for Mostafa to weave in and out of the rhythm like a deadly viper, striking unexpectedly with a witty ferocity. The masterfully delivered lyrics shows a man struggling with his station and working to improve humanity which is echoed when Mostafa says, “I’d rather hold onto hope then have those diamonds on my chest.”

This record has the feel that starts immediately and carries through as a modernized version of old school “Tribe Called Quest” and “Wu-Tang Clan,” which is never a bad thing. The Calendar Year is expertly layered, so with each listen you find yourself discovering some hook, word, or beat that you missed the last time.

The Calendar Year should definitely find its way into your rotation as it deserves to see significant headphone play.