Mount Baker Theatre

In the last few years, The Mount Baker Theatre has seen the likes of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Death Cab for Cutie, and Brandi Carlisle, not to mention numerous comedians, theater productions, and community-sponsored events. It’s hard to believe that Deputy Director Kim Laskey believes their best years are still to come.”We’re fortunate enough to have a thriving theater crowd in Bellingham,” said Laskey, “Between Western Washington University and members of the local community, we’re able to run impressive productions.”


Laskey makes the distinction between local and national events by explaining that the theatre is available to be rented out. “We actually work with larger companies like STG and AEG who, in turn, bring larger acts to Bellingham,” he said. “The relationships we have with them have taken years to build but they’re stronger than ever.”

The Mount Baker Theatre is becoming a hot-spot for well-known comedians as well. “A few years back we had Brian Regan, Jeff Dunham, and Lewis Black all within a short window of time,” he added. “After that we booked Daniel Tosh, which was extremely popular.”

Laskey is enthused by the lively theater crowd because drawing in professional productions can be both expensive and stressful. “With so much local talent, we’re able to build our own climate for theater instead of having to rely on bringing in larger, more expensive shows,” he said.

The venue typically looks for entertainment for families or the college crowd. Laskey is most excited for extravagant up-and-comers. “Have you heard of The Voca People?” he asked. He played a video depicting eight people decked out in white in front of a colorful backdrop and, as they jumped up and down, they sang otherworldly harmonies. “It’s just so different, so unique, and we want to find entertainment outside of the norm,” he said. “We’re comfortable taking a chance on what could be the next big thing.”

In the past, Mount Baker Theatre has featured an all-male ballet company, photographers from National Geographic who told stories about their work, and the Mount Baker Film Festival. They have also hosted an alternate take on War of The Worlds that has been re-imagined in a steampunk setting. “Apparently, Bellingham has a strong enough steampunk community that the film came to us,” said Laskey, “There’s a lot more to Bellingham than most people realize.”

The diverse programming of the theatre allows for a greater appeal overall. “In a time where the theater business is struggling, we are thriving,” said Laskey. “A lot of this is because of our own local Broadway that has been created over the years.” Future performances include Lord of The Dance, Morrissey, and an evening with Chef Robert Irvine, among others.