Plant Party – Green and Gold

Plant Party are an indie rock group whose members are from Bellingham and Seattle. Green & Gold is their first album and, while there are some shaky elements, the band seems energetic and musically capable.

Their songs are consistently slow-burning, leaving equal time for the instrumental and vocal sections. Also, the recording quality seems to be higher and can be noticed in their re-recording of “The Hydrangea is Having Casual Sex With the Rhododendron….Again.” Songs like “Cave Liquor” and “Baby, Tomorrow” show great promise for Plant Party’s ability to tap into a variety of musical elements, similar to bands like Man Man. Clearly, the members of Plant Party are musically talented so they are warranted some time to stretch their legs.

Plant Party seem willing to expand the reaches of their music beyond simple lyrics over predictable melodies.

While the songs show a strong variety of textures and instruments, the vocals are difficult to ignore. The vocalist seems to either hold his voice at the level of a whisper or committing to the youthful howl of Win Butler from Arcade Fire. Regardless, the lyrics are engaging enough to look past the small range.

Plant Party has offered this album as a swan-song gesture, which is disappointing because they seem to just be picking up momentum. Hopefully they reconsider because, if they continue to improve this much between albums, their next release could be huge.