Rookery – Alaska EP

Rookery are Bellingham sweethearts with a sassy rocking sound. Members include Ryan Greer, Dave Albert, Brenda Beehler and Tim Pennington. The group formed in early 2011 and has been busy making impressive impressions since. No amateurs to the music scene, Rookery’s maturity is immediately clear by the cohesive quality in their sound. Their latest EP is titled Alaska and has been available on their bandcamp since June 15, a mere few weeks ago. Thus, the excitement is still fresh and the tunes are eager fill the eardrums of the masses.

Alaska is much smaller than its namesake, with five tracks. However, despite the low quantity, they definitely pack a punch. Wasting no time to ease the listener into an intro, each song immediately dives headfirst into the steamy pool of punk rock. A particular favorite of mine is White Lightning, a song that has a perfect amount of indignation. Beehler’s vocals make me swoon; the amount of strength in her vocals is dazzling. It is quite refreshing to hear the amount of balance between band members, each musician is spotlighted. A polished ear is not a necessity to recognize what instruments are playing; inclusion is what Rookery is all about. You do not need to be uber cool or in the know. Simply listen and take the time to absorb the carefully crafted sounds.

Put Rookery in a sandwich with Hot Snakes, Wipers and Fugazi and that will be a delicious main course. Who wouldn’t want a piping hot order of RHSWF? Especially when you are craving to rock. Five tracks are a bit of a tease but hopefully more tracks are released in the coming future. In the meantime, music lovers of all genres should listen to Alaska a few times with open minds. For those not familiar with post-punk, it can seem a bit harsh at first. But just wait, repeat and you’ll soon warm up to the musical styling of Rookery.

I urge you to check it out. Otherwise this may be too much of the same thing.