Rookie Town – On Fallen Logs EP

Rookie Town’s On Fallen Logs recounts many of the sounds of the angst-ridden emo fellowship era of the early 2000′s. At times, their EP feels like honest self-reflection, but it mostly comes across as adorable emulation.

The most punk aspect of Rookie Town is that none of the songs on the EP run over the two-and-a-half minute mark. Everything else about the EP wreaks of Warped Tour, beginning with the first lyric of the album-opener, “Sink,” where a gristly, yet youthful, voice chides, “I hope you drown.” Since the EP only runs about eight minutes, listeners may feel like they are previewing an album on iTunes rather than actually delving into full-length songs. In fact, “End pt.1″ comes across as an integral breakdown that’s been removed from another, longer track. The distant yowl of countless emo-revival bands is present throughout the EP, along with the more intimate, nasally voice to truly bring back the methodical dynamic of bands that have long-since died out.

The real tragedy is that Rookie Town actual achieve the sound they’re trying to cultivate but the result sounds cookie-cutter. On Fallen Logs is a great introduction to Rookie Town, even if they wear their influences on their sleeves. If they spent a little more time trying out different sounds, they might be able to break away from sounding just like their peers.