Slacks – You Ain’t

You Ain’t drips with reverb and bluesy instinct, making it difficult to place Slacks as a band. One thing’s for sure, they’re totally badass.

This debut album gives the impression of a prolonged jam session since the fuzziness of the guitar falls the same way in each track, the drumming is nearly the same throughout the album, too. Their combination of blues and rock is nothing new but their slinky, menacing approach is noticeably their own. “I Don’t Wanna” doesn’t sound like it came from this decade, it harkens back to edgy New York City punk in the 60s.

Slacks are on the cusp of blues, artsy rock, and punk at any given moment and it makes for an exciting listen. They almost illicit a comparison to the likes of The Black Keys but Slacks are more raw, more willing to leave their music to be a “what you see is what you get” level.

“I Got Loaded” is possibly their most lively track, leaning heavily on the blues in their lyrics, “I got loaded/On a bottle of whiskey/I feel alright.” This is the first time their singing reaches more than a nonchalant, matter-of-factness and they sound pained and honest. They may want to mix things up and do more of that and less mumbling in the future.

You Ain’t can slip through your fingers if you aren’t careful. The first three tracks seem to whiz by and it isn’t until “You Ain’t,” the title track, that the record starts to exude a strict personality. Once you’re acclimated to their sound, You Ain’t becomes filled with attitude.