Swayze! – Swayze

Swayze! should have written a full-length. This is no put-down on this EP or their style, this just simply isn’t enough of their gristly, hard-hitting music.

The songs on this album sound huge, and the thick guitar riffs and vocals sound cavernous throughout the record.

On “Swayze! Act 1 and 2″ there seems to be a primitive call and response between the guitar and vocals, the thunderous drumming adding extreme depth to an otherwise striking and powerful performance. Through the six minutes of the track, I get the feeling of actual movements and different motifs, especially by the three minute mark. The stewing first half builds great tension by keeping the music precise and subdued, the second half is completely aggressive, with the lyrics “That’s how I feel” repeated throughout. “Forty One” has a similar moment of passivity in the middle of the track when all the music stops for about 45 seconds before exploding back together.

Swayze are successful in combining professional musicianship with gritty recording quality and the result is more of a hybrid between metal and hardcore. Even if this isn’t typically your sort of music, the realness is enough to keep attention to some level. Personally, I wish there were more songs on this EP. They’re smartly crafted and accessibly rewarding to hear.