Austin Carney – Rhyme and Reason

Rhyme and Reason is the compilation album made by Austin Carney, a senior at Squalicum High School. Carney wrote, recorded and arranged the entire album which features over 12 local students rapping and singing on 16 tracks. Rhyme and Reason donates 100 percent of all proceeds to support the International Justice Mission, an organization dedicated to stopping global child trafficking. And to increase the wow factor a bit, it must be recognized that Carney made all but one of the beats on the album.

Many acknowledgments must be given. Squalicum High School just got so many cool points for guiding Carney through such a unique project; props to his advisor Jamers Junior. Secondly, Carney deserves top scores for this assignment. Much more polished than I expected, “Rhyme and Reason is clearly a comprehensive project. No beginner-grade procrastination occurred here. A well-planned album with a heavy hip hop influences, the delivery is crisp and mature. In fact, one must remind themselves that Carney is in fact only a senior, due to the immense professionalism in the album.

Creativity is truly pulsating alongside the steady bass. With instrumental tracks alongside collaboration pieces, there is enough variation to please fans. Carney cleverly references his local roots throughout the album, without coming off as overtly disrespectful or cheesy. “Squaliday ’11″ is a particularly sassy song that is bound to be a hit amongst the high school audience. Carney’s youth is apparent in the celebratory tone in various tracks, but it is clear that the fun was balanced as he took the entire project very seriously.

Carney’s talent and drive are apparent. Whether those qualities retain longevity is the true test. Regardless, Rhyme and Reason gave many young students the invaluable opportunity to express themselves and share their love of music for everyone to access. I thoroughly enjoyed “Rhyme and Reason” and commend Austin Carney and all the students of Squalicum High School for creating such an enjoyable album. Heading to Northwest University to study Business and Recording Arts in the fall, it is indubitable that Carney will continue to perfect his chosen craft.