Biagio and the Argonauts, Coty Hogue with Kat Bula: May 12 at Honey Moon

Sitting outside on the patio of the Honey Moon listening to the plaintive Appalachian styled melodies of Coty Hogue and Kat Bula drift out into the darkening sky. Echoes of the Carter Family and Gillian Welch but unique and distinctive in their own right. Coty and Kat’s harmonies seem of reach deep down into the brain and stir up ancient memories. Family and blood, broken covenants and lonely dreams. The musicanship is excellent, sparse and evocative. Each song seemed to reach a place of haunting beauty before, stilling the capacity crowd into a hushed reverence. Coty was due to record a live album the next night in Seattle. If it turned out anything close to her performance at the Honey Moon, it should be a gem.

After a brief break, Biagio and the Argonauts (Biagio Biondolillo, Anna Arvan, Rabia Magnusson and Kat Bula) assembled their chairs and various instruments. Biagio’s entertained the crowd with surreal banter and puns. “We are Puddle of Mead!” They started off with “Born to Fall Apart” immediately charming the crowd with engaging melody and sweet harmonies. Having recently recorded a full length album (due out soon), they demonstrated an easy familiarity and humor with each other. Biagio is a talented guitarist and singer. At times, I was reminded of Poi Dog Pondering. “Big Money” stood out as one of the biggest crowd pleasers.

They finished out the sweet and lovely evening with “Nothing Here,” an evocative and poignant tune. It was another beautiful night at the Honey Moon.