Cutlass Supreme – Strictly Business

Cutlass Supreme are a mere baby bunch, having started out in early 2011. Yet, their sound, repertoire and experience has grown exponentially since. Making Bellingham proud, members include Colin “Cutlass” Montgomery, Louis “Super Hands” Ramsay, Siraj “Snake Eyes” Mehyar, and Jared “Dirty” Hernandez. And yes, those nicknames automatically make me like them from the get-go. Strictly Business is the title of their first full-length album, released in April. Available around town and on bandcamp, it is definitely an album to snatch.

The first track on the album, “Liquid Courage”, makes me think of a barbeque. Inexplicably so, this is a positive comparison. The entire album would be comfortable in the background of a typical jolly BBQ between friends, who are just enjoying life to the fullest. “Strictly Business” is energetic and lively, just the type of album you’d want to crank up high, drink some brews (or highly caffeinated sodas) and let loose to. The raspy vocals exude rock and roll; while listening you just want to put on a leather jacket, eat a hot dog, participate in some casual head banging, jump around, pass out and repeat.

I truly appreciate the fun that is clearly apparent on the tracks. You do not have to be a super fan of rock music in order to enjoy Cutlass Supreme. Just have an open mind and feel free to giggle with some of the lyrics. For example, “The Mullet” made me feel a bit giddy. Simultaneously amidst the entertaining aspects, there is clear technical talent particularly with the dominant guitar riffs. Clearly not amateurs, Cutlass Supreme are a hardworking crew. Potential is high here, folks. I greatly look forward to what shenanigans they will get into in the future and what music is produced as a result.