Friends Nor Leaders

Friends Nor Leaders is a 4-piece 70s and 80s inspired hardcore punk band formed from the ashes of a bunch of local bands. The members are Joey Schnuck (vocals), Jeff Debock (drums), Jess Manley (bass) and Zach Zinn (guitar). On one occasion Hollie Huthman stepped in on bass when Jess couldn’t make it. All of the members have played in other bands, except for Joey. He will in the future play in a lot of bands. The reason Joey ended up in the band is because he kills Super Tramp karaoke, loves The Subhumans (Canadian and U.K.), and generally just doesn’t care. After a few practices and with little preparation they ended up in Fairhaven Studios with no lyrics sheet. Nobody will hear these recordings until they put out their discography in 15 years or so. It will probably only be those songs. And hopefully one scratchy live recording. They have a few shows coming up. They are in basements. Check friends nor leaders on facebook for any show updates, or their blog at