Kithkin: Out of the woods sound-off

Airfare is expensive. Yet a getaway is always tempting. To suddenly take off and escape into the rainforest is a costly endeavor. A mere 15-minute frolic with some monkeys would burn a disturbing hole in one’s pocket. So here is another option. In a place only 1.5 hours from Bellingham exists the lair of a musical entity that exudes freed inhibitions, enticing adventures, and unadulterated jungle rock. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Kithkin.

Self-proclaimed children of woodland nobility, the band is comprised of Kelton Sears, Alexander Barr, Ian McCutcheon, and Bob Martin. Their hometowns span across the United States: Martin from Virginia, Barr from Arizona, McCutcheon from New York and Sears representing good ol’ Washington. What brought these hardworking musicians together was fate, and college. Meeting their freshman year at Seattle University, the kith-clan currently all live together as they attend school.

Sears shared, “We have a super intense calendar, the kith-calendar, but we make it work. In college, you don’t really have to be a real person yet. You live in a weird petrie dish of almost adulthood.” In addition to being students, they are all currently employed and participate in extracurricular activities. Once the time comes to leave the collegiate life behind, the boys aspire to be full time musicians. With their current work ethic, this is a very attainable goal.

2011 Sound-Off semifinalists, Kithkin has been making busy moves ever since. Constantly performing shows in venues and houses alike, Kithkin released a highly-acclaimed EP in January and have garnered international attention. Each member contributes high energy to the band, arranging the perfect marriage between rock music and heavy percussion. With influences ranging from The Talking Heads to traditional African music, Kithkin creates a sound that is all their own.

In addition to their music, Kithkin has crafted a persona that is a huge presence. Acting not only as a band but also as a character, they stated “We have this weird woodland mythical creature thing that we’ve made say kith a lot”. Inspired by the antics of The White Stripes and Man Man, Kithkin has kith-created kith-tastic fun for all to enjoy. There is no specific mold that a kith-fan must possess. Not limited to hipsters or indie folks, this is music that is precise yet freeing. It is impossible to not take joy from Kithkin’s tunes.

The band looks forward to working on recording more this summer, hopefully they aim to “get all Bon Iver and go out in a cabin in the woods”. Magical will undoubtedly result. In the meantime, be sure to catch them at Catapult Fest as well as Capitol Hill Block Party. Kithkin is in the PNW music scene to stay and will gladly kith-rock your world in the process.