Lamppost Revival – Lamppost Revival

Lamppost Revival is one of the most likeable bands in Bellingham. A close-knit group of friends, members include Adam Walkiewicz, Alex Eby, Jarod Faw, Stephanie Olson and Tyler Rablin. In a mere two years, they have had many adventures both musically and personally. After a successful fundraising campaign, Lamppost Revival has released their newest and sadly last album.

The self-titled album sounds much like their past releases. Nothing extraordinarily new or catchy. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing. This band has had a solid run in the Bellingham music scene capturing hearts and gaining devoted fans along the way. Perhaps it is best for their final album to be filled with that same good ol’ magic that Lamppost Revival plays so well.

The title track, “New World” is melancholy for the first half and suddenly triumphant. In typical Lamppost style, there is a slow crescendo that builds as Rablin’s voice soars. Vocalist Tyler Rablin plays a very dominate role throughout the album, providing a perfect accompaniment to the instruments. Other tracks vary in subject matter and tone. “Ring the Bells” is a track with heavy insinuations regarding religion and purity and marriage. But hey! Whatever floats your boat. “Black Bag” by contrast is rather sassy, a boot-stompin’ track that is my personal favorite. Crowd pleasers are imbedded throughout the album. “Keep Calm and Carry On” will undoubtedly play throughout the summer. Olson’s glockenspiel is delightful but her trombone is notably absent. “Lamppost Revival” is an album that discusses trials and tribulations that we all have experienced. Songs to focus on and songs to sweetly play in the background. Songs to share with loved ones and songs to enjoy on your own. All in all, this album makes me smile and feel happy. That is a lovely and universal result.

This album was clearly well thought out and a labor of love. It leaves the listener wanting more, wanting to experience the music live to truly feel the emotions that resonate throughout. And that is a bittersweet result, since goodbyes are imminent. Many things lie ahead for the future of members of Lamppost Revival. Upcoming graduation, weddings, jobs and families are on the horizon. It is safe to say that music will never leave the lives of these wonderful folks. Lamppost Revival has made their mark on us all, and in return music is engrained in their being. They sought to bring joy through music and have wholeheartedly succeeded. Bellingham will never forget them.