What’s Up! 14th Anniversary Bash: March 29th at Glow

By Patrick Wakefield

Local music. For 14 years that’s what What’s Up! Magazine has been all about. The 14th anniversary show March 29 at Glow nightclub could not have been more of a testament to the magazine’s varied history. Featuring a mix of hard rock, cover, electronic, hip-hop, and just good old fashioned rock, the night was an eclectic collusion of sublime musical talent.
Kicking the evening into a very, high gear was Cutlass Supreme. Starting at almost exactly 9:30, the band ripped into the virgin eve with a blistering onslaught of hard rock rifts singing from their adept cord strokes. Slinging out odes to freedom, beer, and mullets, Cutlass Supreme was a perfectly rough beginning to the rest of the night’s entertainment.
Obstructed as to a timely arrival by a bit of traffic, IG88′s portion of the show was briefly postponed and the classic rock cover group The Listers took over. Whipping the crowd into a frenzy with original songs, as well as covers of such notable tunes as Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep,” The Listers incited a near riot on the dance floor. A crowd surfer, or two, was even spotted amongst the frivolity of those huddled around the stage. Bringing their set to a close with another classic rock anthem, and with the imminent arrival of IG88, things seemed like they were heading in the right direction.
Unfortunately this was not the case. Due to a few scheduling mix ups and the time crunches, especially one featuring so much talent, IG88′s and The Palisades’ sets were both cut disappointingly short. With what time they occupied the stage they made the best of. IG88 furiously tapped out an ambient symphony whilst bathed in the glow of his Apple laptop. The Palisades delighted with a elegantly jarring rock rhythms, but were cut short after a scant 15 minutes of playing.
The next treat on the menu, and perhaps the featured performance of the night, was My Dad Bruce, accompanied by a live band. The verbose hip-hop “truth” trio was multiplied in ability and extravagance by the addition of a full band. The crowd was once again electrified by the dynamic lyricism on display by My Dad Bruce. Bumping and grooving all over the dance floor, was an audience buoyed on the elating verbiage of the “truth” tellers. Finishing off with one of their signature songs, an homage to those who work for a living, My Dad Bruce made their exit for the night. Sadly so did most of those in attendance.
Bear Cove (rock) and Takes All Kinds (funk rock covers and originals) played to a mostly empty Glow. Both bands displayed some amazing ability and played wonderful music. Bear Cove, headed by their fedora sporting lead man, Garrett Lamp, really brought it to those left to see them. Mixing with the remnants of the evening and pleading for just a dollar, Bear Cove was a delight. Takes All Kinds features a sassy mix of vocals and brilliant instrumental acumen. Shimming about the stage, while hollering with sonorous beauty, was Diva Menke-Thielman, lead vocalist for Takes All Kinds. Behind her was a brilliant collage of funk rock musicians. Belting out brilliant solos on guitar and drums.
The evening came to a close with this adept display and was a sure delight for those left to witness it. Indeed it was night of masterful music making.