Boundary Bay

Although Boundary Bay Brewery & Bistro is primarily a keystone brewery and restaurant in Bellingham, they put on musical performances fairly frequently. Boundary Bay regularly features artists like Robert Blake, Jan Pearson, Polecat, and Jordan Rain, the man behind Yogoman’s Wild Rumpus.
According to Janet Lightner, the general manager of Boundary Bay, the space has gone through some transitional periods.
“After we opened in 1995, we only had music here occasionally,” says Lightner, “Back then we weren’t such a restaurant-style venue.” Bands used to perform in the dining area but, after a band was unsatisfied with the acoustics the space provided, they demanded to perform in the taproom. Shortly after the adjustment, Robert Blake and Jan Peters asked to perform.
“They kept coming back every Monday,” Lightner remembers, “They became part of the routine and it was the standard for a while.”
According to Lightner, Boundary Bay has experimented with different shows over the years, including a late night concert series. “The idea was for the band to perform after the diners had left,” says Lightner. “It was during a time when a lot of venues in the area were constantly opening and shutting down. We were just trying to allow more bands to perform through our space.”
Boundary Bay primarily searches “for local talent and music that’s really accessible,” says Lightner, “We get a lot of really talented jazz pianists and that’s been going on for about 10 years.”
Lightner explains that Boundary Bay is more of a gathering place for Bellingham’s community. “We have music from Wednesday to Friday and then we leave Saturday open for non-profit fundraisers,” says Lightner.
The spring and summer allow for Boundary Bay to open their beer garden for more concerts, which may result in adding another day of music to their calendar.
Jazz Nights are the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. Other events this month include an Easter Brunch on the 8th, and Earth Day on April 22.