Brendan Byrnes – Micropangaea

The thing I love about most Spectropol releases is the feeling each recording is a person crafting off kilter songs after they come home from their day job – almost like a mad scientist releasing the sounds they’ve been hearing all day. Not a band coming together to create music, but someone working and slaving over their record and in their home recording studio, putting what they hear in their head into the world.

And such is the case with Brendan Byrnes’s Micropangaea. It’s all keyboard – harmonious and beautiful rhythms that get disturbed by off kilter notes and sounds. As if the two sides of Brendan’s creativity are at odds, he wants to make happy and flowing music, but his evil genius comes in and throws it all off. The end result is pretty cool, if you are
in the mood for it. The music is definitely not fit for every moment of the day – but when the mood strikes to listen to music created without any organic instrumentation, that which sounds very urban and lulls you into a sense of good vibes before it throws you off, this will be great to listen too.

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