Chandler Stone – Fleeting Empires

Chandler Stone’s Fleeting Empires is a well-executed venture into singer-songwriterdom and his voice works impressively with the tender combination of acoustic guitar and quiet percussion.
Stone tends to follow the same method for each track, never straying from the same general sound and rhythm. While he is incredibly consistent, hearing the same overall tone for eleven songs can become monotonous. “The Two As One” is a pretty basic love song but Stone manages to express genuine innocence in proclaiming love, which is a struggle for many artists. However, his range is so limited that many of his songs start to melt into one another. Stone’s general “good guy” approach also starts to lose its appeal after a while since many of his songs are concerned with emotional relationships and it’s exhausting.
By the end of the album, Stone’s voice is the driving force behind each song – which is good because his voice is just really great. Stone’s voice is ultra-personal by “Empires,” the last track, giving the impression that he’s only a few inches away. He’s also unafraid to showcase his beliefs in “Empires,” singing, “Do you love me?/Lord you know I do/But do you love me?,” which is a respectable quality, especially when his entire message in the album isn’t completely encompassed by faith. Stone is able to write music that everyone can relate with while incorporating his own personality in an unobtrusive way.
Fleeting Empires is a good album for fans of low-key singers with lyrics about love and, occasionally, faith.
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