Dillon Warnek – A Stranger Here

By Johnny Quimond

Dillon Warnek’s new release, A Stranger Here, has interesting cover artwork; a stack of balanced rocks – a la Andy Goldsworthy. Exerting a little bit more imagination it looks almost the image of a man searching achingly across the sea, contemplating his losses.
This goes perfectly well with the content within, which brings me to the second and infinitely more interesting aspect that impresses me about this album; the remarkable songwriting. Stranger’s songs are an expanse of self-exploration, occasionally breaking out of the acoustic/folk music mould – though that’s not a bad place to explore. Dillon’s position of exploration is his own emotional transformation; growing up, letting go, and coming to terms with uncertainty. Nothing unusual, most writers scribe about self-experience.
However, the real danger with many artist who listens solely to their own muse is that they often cut off the outside world, making music that can’t be related to, getting closer to that vanishing point of self-absorption. Kind of like the stacking of rocks by Andy Goldsworthy; how many people can join in on this event?
Thus, Dillon must balance this – like the stones – and he does quite deftly as he buoys the listener with strong melodies and memorable lyric. Stranger won’t be to everyone’s taste, and it certainly takes a few plays to reveal its undoubted beauty. But when it comes down to it, what do people want to hear? That’s right, Dillon’s sweet gentleman vocals, guitar playing and interesting arrangements.
Self Released
For more, visit dillonwarnek.bandcamp.com