Dog Shredder – Brass Tactics

Welp, not sure what I can say about Dog Shredder that hasn’t already been said in their Pitchfork review or their stories in Performer Magazine, the Seattle Weekly and Sound on the Sound. They all said what I would say – this album is amazing. Blistering, brutal, chaotic, intense – exactly what you’d expect from Dog Shredder.
The three song EP includes Battle Snake and Battle Toads; two cuts that sound like they’ve been put into a musical blender as well as Battle 07. The first two tracks mix in what the band has become known for – speed metal, thrash, art rock, avant-garde, CHAOS – it’s all there, seemingly on one hand totally disjointed and another, completely cohesive. Battle 07, though, has a different feel too it, almost like a normal song, but so dark, hollow and weird, it fits in perfectly as a counter balance to the first two tracks.
It’s rare to be able to say this about a band, but Dog Shredder’s sound is unique – you won’t find another band around has the same sound – there frankly aren’t many bands that have the chops to keep up with it. Hopefully it won’t take a couple years to release the next album and a full length drops soon. Until then, we get wrapped in the chaos of Brass Tactics.
Released on Good to Die Records
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