Eagle Teeth – Spicy Beef EP

When I set out the review Eagle Teeth’s debut EP, Spicy Beef, I already had bit of a grumpy attitude. “Pfft! Eagle Teeth! What kind of a name is that? Grumble grumble. This is probably yet another whiny rock band trying to make it big.” I was readily prepared for my ears to suffer while my mind continued ranting. Thankfully, once I started actually listening, the music Grinch shut up. Folks, this is great stuff.
Eagle Teeth is a Bellingham-based band including David Dees on guitar, synth,vocals, Alan Crow on bass, and Maximo Mendizabal on drums. Not your typical straight up rock, funk and dance are seamlessly mixed in to create an overall enjoyable experience. “Je Veux Plus” is a particularly delightful track with a constant flow and distorted, electronic-inspired vocals. The bass dominates, providing a steady beat to follow. No complaints can be stated regarding the other tracks as well. Be warned. You will find yourself singing along. “You Always Get What You Want” has infectious doo-doo-doo-s that are so damn catchy. This is sexy music. It belongs in car commercials, action movie scenes or other cool things. Eagle Teeth seeks to woo the listener and they most definitely succeed. Three is the perfect number as each musician equally contributes and is spotlighting throughout the tracks. They’re mysterious, enticing and unforgettable.
The Spicy Beef EP is very well put together with varying song lengths, great sound quality and the result of making the listener want more. There is a timeless quality to the tunes. Eagle Teeth sounds familiar yet distinct in their own right. The question now is whether Eagle Teeth sound as good live as they do in this EP. Six tracks is not enough to satisfy an appetite for Eagle Teeth. I was genuinely disappointed when Spicy Beef ended. Seconds please?
Self released
For more, visit eagleteeth.bandcamp.com