Hooves: Behooved

Even after three years of writing for What’s Up Magazine, I still develop a pit in my stomach each time I hurl another batch of interview questions to a group of musically gifted strangers. My goal, as always, is to finish the article; however, once I click the “Send” button, I can’t help but wonder how my queries are being processed on the other end. Am I putting my deadline and the essential background information required for a respectable feature article, in the hands of a capable individual(s), or is a ragamuffin in a pair of faux Ray-Bans heckling me? Fortunately, the members of Bellingham-based rock group Hooves, are competent fellows, no matter how serious they are about “Indian Leg Wrestling,” and Ecstasy. A favorite pastime of the band apparently – how refreshing – the competence anyway. Therefore, with a cast of sure-footed, err sure-legged sapiens on the other end; I deliver to the readers the swagger-clad lads of Hooves.
The Cast: Andy, Chris, Brad, Parker, Jason, and Christian. Although Hooves claims to fit into the indie/blues/rock n’ roll genres, like any well-rounded musical group, their influences vary. “We all have pretty eclectic tastes. To name a few more: Bonnie Prince Billy, War, Dylan, Black Merdah, Black Sabbath, Muddy Waters, MF Doom, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Walkmen, CCR, the groups on Alive! Records, etc…” explains front man Andy Krissberg. He serves up a dose of humble pie as well, when Krissberg describes the extent of the group’s popularity thus far. “I don’t know if you’d say we have been discovered, but I guess we started getting popular when we destroyed a hotel room in Northern Arizona, and Village Voice Media started calling us assholes.” It was probably a Red Lion or a Days Inn I’m thinking. There’s no way a Courtyard Marriott would put up this destructive-dozen, minus six. “Sex, drugs, and volume,” are the tangible and intangibles, which inspire the Hooves to keep going. “There’s a lot of negative situations that can really bum a person out in everyday life, doing this music stuff not only is a good way for us to not care about said situations, but hopefully it helps get others through them as well.” explains the group’s main songwriter. However, segway to Krissberg’s view on where he sees the Hooves high-stepping into the future, and he says, “Straight to hell!” Insert awkward laughter. Luckily, Krissberg puts on his dapper charm as he goes on to explain: “…as long as people are dancing to us, we’re happy. We’ve been lucky enough to travel the country with this, we’d like to go further if it’ll take us there.”
Fortunately, for dance fiends who enjoy the kind of music they imagine was produced with cigarette-stained fingernails and a bottle of Bud, Bellingham serves as Hooves home base. Calling the Shakedown and the Wild Buffalo two of their favorite spots, you may run into the members of Hooves. My suggestion: do not challenge them with your amateur “Indian Leg Wrestling” skills.
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For more information about Hooves, check out www.hoovesmusic.com or www.facebook.com/#!/
wearethehooves. As of press time, there are no shows scheduled in May.