IG88 – A Loom & Not Me

By Johnny Quimond

In my clubbing days of yore, I would (eventually) come home only to arrive at my just awakened GF’s color-by-number “one too many late nights of drinking” (as if) complaints. After deftly dodging and defending my serial nocturnal activities I would set up the couch, position my headphones, load up my Leftfield, daze out and await the arrival of my lucid, Teletubby populated, head filled haze.
IG88′s A Loom & Not Me is an album rich with sensual and hypnotic moments, brilliantly consistent and reminds of those pre-halcion evening “retreats”. Loom’s blend of smooth synthesised electronica, house and synthpop deliveries advances the continued battle of the human-vs-machine, analogue-vs-digital world of musical opposition locked in epic modern struggle. Who will win out? I don’t know, but it seems that for the moment the balance has started to tilt to the latter, as electronics become more dominant, vocals less human, and reliance on technology becomes more accepted.
Given as much, Loom still manages to fuse its digital elements with a comforting blanket of keyboard “warmth,” serene beats, swaying basses and the occasional dreamy guest vocal that becomes an aural delight. This genre of music is generally more focused on vibe, so you will not find any “real songs” based on structures, melodies and choruses – which is not this genres intent. Instead, you get short moody pieces of pensive minor key driven creations promoting the “vibe” – usually of the same dose.
Pick up this elaborate and colorful Loom.
Released on Nueva Forma
For more, visit ig88.bandcamp.com