IG88, Cherub, K. Flay: April 21st at the Wild Buffalo

by Patrick Wakefield

Performing April 21 at the Wild Buffalo House of Music was the dynamic and complimentary trio of Bellingham’s own techno-trance king IG88, Nashville’s electro-pop duo Cherub, and the nationally exploding hip-hop queen-to-be K.Flay. With the doors opening at 9:30, the night began its flow at approximately 10:30 with the, aforementioned, techno-genius IG88′s deft button presses.
Assuming the stage, Branden Clarke, the human-computer hybrid behind IG88, started things off with light hearted banter with the audience. Face awash in the soft luminescents pouring off his laptop screen, Clarke rolled out his signature clicks, pops, whirs. Fingers dancing over his keyboard, Clarke elicited a gentle bob from the hips and necks of those assembled tightly around the locus of his trip-hop effusion. The sounds swam in elegantly jarring collusion, a soothing elixir of symphonic liquid. Shortly, Clarke was joined by two compatriots, who lent hip-hop lyricism to IG88′s shimmering electro-beats. Declaring the musical addition as a new project by Clarke, and his partner, titled: Tricore. Which, according to the pair, is a Triceratops dinosaur with three unicorn horns. An animal of mythological origin to be certain. All together IG88 and company provided an excellent opening act. An easy and enchanting beginning to a night that would crescendo, magnificently, with a raucous performance by K.Flay.
Next came the dance-pop 80′s synth-tastic duo of Cherub. The Nashville, TN pair of Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber punched the evening up a notch. Busting out fast paced odes to sex and love, Cherub set the placid gathering into a turgid churning of bodies. Despite both members being ill with some sort stomach virus, Kelley and Huber couldn’t resist the demands of the crowd to play “something fast”. Increasing the tempo, Cherub set the sweat-moistened air of the Buffalo’s dance floor alight. Unfortunately their set was soon cut short by some technical difficulties. Cherub’s sweet sonic symposium was disrupted, suddenly, by a piercing wail that sharply pressed into the eardrums. Despite the mishap, Cherub was a delight and greatly intensified the energy of the evening.
Finally arriving to the stage was headliner K.Flay, the rap heiress to pop royalty. Since first erupting onto the nation scene K.Flay has engendered a rapidly growing and rabid fan base. Her much anticipated performance was everything it could have been expected to be. Slamming out flowing rhymes with such fleet and adroit skill, they seemed to mold into one sinuous and gorgeous word. Accompanied by a drummer and a legion of bopping rhythms, K.Flay electrified the thronging mass. Two members of who attempted crowd surfs. One successful, the other… not so much. Nearly crashing head first into the unyielding surface of the dance floor, the reveler was narrowly saved a trip to the emergency room by the few hands of those who caught him before his terminal impact.
K.Flay delivered wonderfully on the promise of her hype and provided a sudor inducing evening of bumping rhymes in her voice’s sexy rasp.