Jonah Michea Judy – Night, The Different Painting

Night, the Different Painting, disc one of Jonah Michea Judy’s double disc musical venture features, at it’s core, raspy vocals with melodramatic guitar. Each song feels heavy – there is angst and despair constantly churning from the carefully plucked guitar strings.
Unfortunately, that gets a bit old by the end of the album. Is it too much to ask for the occasional uplifting song or two? It feels like the listener should be stairing aimlessly off in the distance while blowing cigarette smoke at dirty windowpanes as the rain pours down, profoundly pondering about life and our place in it.
There are definite comparisons to be made to Elliot Smith, in both vocals and guitar. I detect a bit of Kurt Cobain in “The Uncanny Indifference” and “Gunpowderlegs”, when JMJ’s indignant tone is amped up a few levels. His delivery is earnest and raw, keeping the overall sound focused with just vocals and guitar. Despite the mild anguish JMJ shares, it must be declared that this is not whiny. Warped Tour is not foreseeable in Jonah Michea Judy’s future. The sound is mature, slightly sultry and annoyed. To summarize, “Night, the Different Painting” is an album of the emo-acoustic realm; a bizarre world where we all occasionally, willingly or not, wander upon.
JMJ is a young musician who, according to his facebook page, plays music “wherever I can because it’s what I love to do.” That is admirable act. And a kickstarter campaign is definitely a brave venture that could be successful, if the correct audience is targeted.
Perhaps disc two is a bit more cheery and perhaps not. He has mastered the role of emotional musician and many are drawn towards that type of sound. Besides, on the track titled “Swine” he does whistle a bit, so props for that. Next time you’re feeling a bit gloomy and want to engage in a brief pity-party, bump this album. We all are guilty of the occasional mope-fest, don’t deny. “Night, the Different Painting” is a carefully thought-out and executed album. It deserves a listen.
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