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I’m terrible at introductions. Furthermore, I’m terrible at introducingintroductions despite my English major and the importance so heavily placed on this skill. So here it is, I’m Megan. Brent so kindly entrusted the task of content master on me as of late, and in addition to this I will be your new gossip girl. Referencing gossip girl in all seriousness is one of the first generation-telling signs that indeed, I am not Brent. I won’t bore you with my life story or anecdotal facts about myself because I tried that in my first edit of Le Beat for this month and it read like a terrible journal entry.

Looking back at the past Le Beaters, as I will affectionately call them, I feel a bit out of my element. Most recently the one and only Casey Nolan (now of The Stranger variety) spoke poignantly on the scene she experienced from middleschool angst days on. Tracing back farther than that were the likes of Sean Spain, an original pioneer of the magazine starting this little column “Local Notes,” a few guest writers who were very of their time and for that reason I have very little context for their status but they reported it all well, and for a longer residency was Carey Ross. I know a lot of hearsay about Carey Ross and having read much of her writing, leaving me feeling like I know her. That,
and she has been a reoccurring character in my dreams for the past month or two, specifically dreams in which we go to the fair. This is creepy, and we don’t really know each other yet so, here it is in print. I’ll nod politely next time I see you in public and leave the ball in your court. That aside (blame it on my ADD), Carey rocked her time at What’s Up! and continues to do so around town still, as a resident music writer.

And of course, Brent Cole has been faithfully and consistently writing you love letters for some time now. But hey, I’m your new, exciting, younger, more attractive lover ready to dazzle you with my wits and insights. I’ll give you some time to get over the breakup, listen to some sad tunes and eat your feelings in potato burritos but sooner or later you’ll learn to live with me. At that point I’ll stop putting on airs and you’ll find me in my lounge pants. This is all needless to say, I love What’s Up! coming from a genuine place of excitement for a town with a legitimate music and arts scene (no offense Woodinville, WA) and I will do my best to challenge the learning curve and deliver the music news necessary to go along with your morning cup of coffee. In the process, if I attempt to acknowledge my favorite new up and coming band that’s been around for 10 years, feel free to nod politely.

I hope one day you, will affectionately call me a le Beater. But for now let’s just work on getting to know each other.


The Ins and Outs of Comings and Goings 

Poppe’s has gone through some awesome renovations over the summer and will be hosting an open house on Oct. 5. Spaceband will be playing throughout the night, so head over and check out the changes. You’ll be glad you did!

A personally heartbreaking day came recently when I heard Cat from Hue was playing their last show. This was one of the first bands I sent (very poorly written) booking requests to in the Underground Coffeehouse and possibly had one of my favorite local sounds for a long time. That riff in “One by One” gets me amped every time. The breakup sounds amicable and will benefit us all shortly as they begin to proliferate their talents in the form of new projects.

Nikko Van Wyck will be joining the Candysound team, (watch for their
upcoming shows), his solo/collaborative project Vacationeer, and will also be playing with Listening to the Colours (Anacortes) super group comprised of members from Land of Pines, Mission Orange, The Violins, and the Oregon Donor who will be launching soon with shows and recording. For Wes Williams it would almost be easier to list the bands he’s not in but here you go; The Mission Orange, Winnebago, Bigfoot Wallace, and Us on Roofs. Bassist Evan Downey just recently relocated to Seattle as front man of Winnebago. Drummer Jase Ihler is in the process of writing and recording under Jase Mitchell. Cat From Hue, giving a huge birth to many new great things.

Shit Machine played a somewhat under the radar last show at Cap’s in early September. This wasn’t a loudly announced denouement, so we’ll have to wait and see if this is for keeps.

Rooftops re-grouped for a hot minute at the end of the month to open up for Christian Wargo of the fleet foxes’ new project, Poor Moon after about a year and a half of not playing together. They weren’t rusty by any means and I think now more than ever people wanted more. The people may just get what they want, rumor has it they are going to embark on new material, still maintaining a live-show hiatus for the time being.

Kowalski recently cancelled a show at the Underground with hints of a band in process of a rebuild. According to their Facebook you can get in on this fun if very specifically you are a drummer like “Clutch meets Down meets Pantera meets Faith no More”, even if you don’t want to be in the band this sounds like a fun challenge. I raise you to meet it with fury and a 16-piece drum kit.
Bellingham’s hip-hop scene will suffer a serious loss of Casey Gainor of the Bad Tenants to Seattle. We wish him the best of luck, but hope he keeps a home (or at least a couch) in Bellingham. Check out the Tenants EP, The Eloquent Scoundrels, Vol 1 out Oct. 9. Take your own advice Casey, stay classy.

I don’t think Bellingham’s darlings, Ripley have been announced officially in
print. Another super group of sorts will be featuring Toby Reif (Palisades), Nick
Duncan (Bowl Cut) and Sterling Laws (Specters) will be popping up around Bellingham.


Doing Time…In the Studio

It sounds like Acorn Project will be recording this winter with Paul Turpin at Bayside this winter and we’ll be seeing them again sometime in 2013 with new material. Catch them now before they are trapped indoors recording, if you have to pick one last chance to see them might I recommend Rage the Ween at the Wild Buffalo on Oct. 27. And yes, this will be Acorn Project playing Rage Against the Machine and Ween. Duh.

Polecat has a couple weeks to go on their indiegogo campaign (like Kickstarter, but not) to raise money to record their 3rd album at Bear Creek Studios (Fleet Foxes, Brandi Carlile, Eric Clapton anyone?), promised to be the most epic yet.


On The Record

Candysound just (literally, just) released a new track, “Under Our Sleeves” on the 20 Sided Records Compilation III: End of Days compilation. If you’re unfamiliar with this label, you’re not alone and probably not living in San Francisco for the most part, but it worth a mention and worth checking out. Although you won’t find a lot local about this; you will hear a familiar track by the Palisades. Together Palisades and Candysound will be doing some shows next month in support of this release starting at the Comet in Seattle on Oct.12.

Rat Riot recently had a tape release for their new EP, Barbie Apocalypse (find it in CD Reviews this month) and their house show release with Scum Eating, Boris Budd, and 1985 has been brought up in too many conversations to count since. Bellingham loves novelty cassette tapes, good work ladies. I won’t try to speak endearingly to their age even though I should take that as an opportunity because they are most likely one of the only bands featured in here younger
than me. I only wish I was that cool in high school. Hell, I’m still not this cool.

Girl Guts’ release Victoria was noted in the last Le Beat, and I would like to honorably mention the excitement surrounding this release and the fact that a couple weeks post-release few albums were left unclaimed and folks were routed towards the band camp for a no cost copy.

Eclecticity is releasing their Kickstarter-fueled new album, Positive Peace this month, catch them at the Green Frog Oct. 11 to pick up your copy and see what they’ve been up to. I expect a motivational speech from Samuel Eisen Meyers.

Cassiopeia has been working on their EP of sweet nothings over the summer; it should break through early October.

Resident spitfires Black Tommy’s full length will be released on Oct. 18 at
the Shakedown with Keaton Collective. They always provide an interest genrebending experience, I’m interested to see what’s next.


Around Town

It was Anniversaries galore this month we’d like to say a formal Happy 15th Anniversary to Film is Truth (we’re bff’s since we’re the same age and all) and to Craig Jewell and Friends in their 4th year as the current Wild Buffalo Team. They threw an awesome party featuring; up and coming (K. Flay + Tycho), local love (Keaton Collective), and national icon (Devin the Dude) and many more over the course of the weekend. Their line-up for the weekend bash shows their versatility and capability to bring pretty much anything relevant at the local and national level to the stage for Bellingham. Thanks for that. Congrats also go out to Checkmate Music who are celebrating their 1st birthday!

Look around and take note, Bellingham’s been getting all done up this month. Make.Shift is looking like a cool creamsicle on a hot summer day, but
actually it looks badass. If you get the chance donate to Make.Shift’s cause for another improvement in the works, new and much needed sound system for the space (www.causes.com). The Shakedown installed some crisp black leather booths looking sexier than ever. As if the Redlight didn’t already offer everything good, they now have booze. I have a feeling this won’t be a cheap shot in some RC Cola, what I’ve seen looks fancy.

A dynamic combo that I was enthused to hear about is the Idiom Theater’s fourth edition of their music box event, Ascent: Descend featuring music of Falling Upstairs. This show will run Oct. 4th through the 13th and unlike a concert, there is no excuse to miss this because it is happening on six different evenings to choose from.


Closing Sentiments

Personally I would like to thank the What’s Up! family for welcoming me with open arms. Only having known Brent for a couple years now I’ve been at times entrusted with the lives of his actual children and now his printed child, this comes as one of the most sincere compliments. Another quick thank you to all the contributors of What’s Up! who have made some pretty quick adjustments to make room for me, I look forward to working with everyone and getting to
know the ins and outs of this town.

As I embark on my What’s Up! journey, hoping to display no hints of irreverence to what’s come before, but only excitement for what is next for music in Bellingham. This being said, I’m constructing a team of new and old writers to take us into the next phase of What’s Up! If you exhibit skilled writing and a knack for meeting deadlines please shoot me an e-mail (subject line “your dream come true”) to megan@whatsup-magazine.com.

The magazine’s changes aren’t only coming in a form of a much younger ginger (that’s me) and some new writers, we’re also debuting a revamped website. Along with writers, we’re also looking for interns to post archives onto the site. If you’re interested, please email with the subject “not exactly a dream come true,
but it seems cool either way.”

Keep on the edge of your seats for the new website as well, I’ve seen it and I can’t look away (and mobile app? You didn’t hear it from me…)
At my conclusion I am realizing I should make mention of the great pagan holiday impending this month, as you can tell it influences many happenings around Bellingham (see our coverage of Horror Business, Bleedingham Film Festival, and a very spooky pin-up), I may be out of the spirit because this time next month I will be writing you sweet love beats from Iceland Airwaves in the land of fire and ice, where google tells me they do not celebrate Hallow’s Eve.
Until next time,