Learning Team – Daypack EP

After spending so much time establishing their name in Bellingham, Learning Team have released some clean, poppy tracks in the form of Daypack EP. The EP is unapologetically beautiful since it seems they opting for better recording equipment compared to earlier releases. Every note sounds crystal clear and the vocals are both present and engaging but the EP as a whole is a little bit of a let-down.
The EP features five tracks, four of which are new. Learning Team avoids writing noticeably better lyrics as well by hiding them in stereotypical choruses and “whoah-oah”s. If Learning Team want to remain a forerunner of indie-pop in Bellingham, they may want to focus less on presentation and more on growing between each release. “Iced Coffee” is an example of how Learning Team are pleasing to the ear while remaining a completely neutral musical presence. The music builds around muted percussion and somber cello, while the vocals trace a bland melody. Yes, the track is good but it makes no impact whatsoever.
Learning Team clearly have the potential to become heavyweights, the evidence can be seen in songs like, “Green” and “Young Blood,” where they actually test new sounds. The other songs on the EP sound diluted and utilize techniques that are altogether familiar. If Learning Team combine their young energy into penning more interesting tracks, they’ll be able to avoid sounding so under-defined.
Self Released
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