Oberhofer, Pond, Learning Team: April 7th at Jinx Art Space

Saturday, April 7 marked one of the most beautiful line-ups all spring. Jinx Art Space and WhAAM used their magical combined powers to present Oberhofer, Pond, and Learning Team for the delectable price of $5. Let us thoroughly analyze this in detail.
Oberhofer. The band originates from Tacoma which makes them a hometown hero. Also, they were just on Letterman. No big deal.
Pond. They are Australian and therefore have fantastic accents. Not to mention, they are immensely talented musicians.
Learning Team. Local favorites who never fail to please the crowd. Just returned from a triumphant tour that included a crazy WSU frat party and Treefort Music Festival in Boise.
This lineup still makes me giddy, post-event. And the show itself did not disappoint. Learning Team played to a decent sized audience, despite the early 8 p.m. set time. Though I am forever a Learning Team fan, this performance was not their best. Reverb is a typical trait of their sets, yet on Saturday reverb was not their friend. Emile Panerio has crisp vocals that were muffled and confusing to the ear at times. No major mistakes were made, that must be noted. The typical energy that the band radiates seemed dimmed. The set was not unpleasant, just a bit lackluster.
This was particularly apparent once Pond took over. What Learning Team lacked in stage presence, Pond eagerly supplied. Whatever was fueling his liveliness, it sure as hell looked fun. He wiggled, jumped around, climbed the ceiling (with the help of some enthusiastic fans), pranced about in a giddy rockstar manner. He was a kid at a candy store with some very special candy varieties, whether all natural or something else. It didn’t matter. The audience wholeheartedly soaked it up. A quirky cool contradiction, the random Australian mumblings from various band members didn’t hurt either. To quote one exuberant fan, “I have no idea what they are saying but this is so awesome!!” The set felt disappointingly short, but perhaps that is because it was just so good. One felt cooler simply being there. Pond was very comfortable on stage, each member confident in their skills and rightly so. Equal parts musicians and performers, Pond raised the bar.
The goodness didn’t stop with Oberhofer, although the tone changed some. Whereas Pond exuded pure comprehensive rock and roll, Oberhofer has the endearing quality of a young bird about to take flight. Or rather, the sassy bird who has already flown around some, yet not enough people have noticed. You can feel the excitement of the band as they play together, each member is equally thrilled at the path life has taken them down. Oberhofer is about to be huge, and to some they are already there. An enticing cocktail of pop-indie-rock, their universal appeal is sure to get people musically inebriated.
This show was extremely enjoyable. The house was packed, the music was great, and everyone had fun. Keeping to Jinx tradition, a victorious moshpit ended the evening with a fantastic Oberhofer encore leaving the crowd with an undoubtedly unforgettable experience.