Pretty Little Feet

Pretty Little Feet, an acoustic duo comprised of guitarist Matt Novak and fiddler Allegra Ziffle, play traditional period music – old-time sounds from a different era. Veterans of the music scene, the band were the perfect fit to create the film score for The Mountain Runners, the soundtrack of events from a century ago.

On May 24, Pretty Little Feet will be releasing their latest recording, which includes music from the soundtrack. The duo wrote several tracks for the movie, even stylizing the songs to match what would have been listened to at the time. When they were researching for what music to write for the film, “We saw an underlying story that was begging to be written, a story about the settling of Whatcom. The album evolved into a project all its own, a historical piece, and so what we created is a 45-minute historical musical narrative of the settling of Whatcom County,” said Pretty Little Feet. Their new album starts with the arrival of prospectors and ultimately leads up to the Mount Baker Marathon that is the focus of the new movie.

The Mountain Runners director Todd Wagner couldn’t be happier with how the film score turned out. “This is right up there, incredible. The film and the music blend so well that they are inseparable now.”