Shit Machine – EP

I want to watch Sabrina The Teenage Witch, mute the screen, and play Shit Machine. For some reason, immediately after pressing play on their self-titled EP, that spunky young witch came into mind. Perhaps it is the sassy quality of Faith’s vocals. Perhaps it is because the cat on their back cover reminds me of Salem, the talking cat on the show. Or perhaps it is magical collectiveness of the band’s sound. Hope that smooth transition was duly noted by all.
Transitions are something that Shit Machine does a particularly lovely job at. As a not too frequent listener of the genre Shit Machine represent, I sometimes zone out and certain artists’ songs all blur into one. However, Shit Machine has achieved uniqueness in the punk-rock-gritty-grit-tastic world. There is commonality between the tracks but there is a strong distinctive quality in them as well. The EP itself is six tracks long and that amount was advantageous to that cause as well. Six was the prime amount. Next transition.
Originating from Mt. Vernon, these musicians have been hustling throughout Bellingham and recently Seattle, making their mark show by show. There is constant energy in this EP. Heads will bob. Toes will tap. It is also extremely refreshing to be able to actually understand the words the band is singing. Shit Machine is hard enough to have street cred, but accommodating to the everyday listener. One does not have to fit into a particular mold in order to enjoy this music. It will be interesting to see whether Shit Machine can continue to produce such original music. While sending a mushy email is tempting, for now pressing replay shall do the trick.
Self Released
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