Sloths – Transit

There is something unique and brutal about Sloths (two thirds of the group live in Bellingham) that makes them one of the most interesting local bands making music. What makes them interesting and mind blowing is their ability to write and play music in a way the feels dangerous and chaotic.
They’ve taken the punk/metal genre and made it what it should be – disconcerting. Too many bands, even punk and metal bands, sound like you’d expect them to sound – but not Sloths. What comes to mind when I listen to ‘em is energy and intensity of Drive Like Jehu, but on dirty drugs. At times, they make Jehu seem like easy listening – crazy time signatures, sounds, and rhythms – all without being self-indulgent. It’s incredible – and the fact that they’ve put this to tape at all is even more amazing. Often time’s bands will have an intense live show, but seize up in the studio. Obviously, that’s not the case with Sloths.
The down side – it’s a four song tape. Not early enough songs.
There are moments of absolute brilliance on this tape and I’m looking forward to hearing more from Sloths. You should too.
Self Released
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