STRFKR: Catchy songs and name you can’t ignore

Band names come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s rare when one really stands out on a lineup poster. Starfucker is a band name you just can’t ignore. Like their music, the name is powerful and catchy. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, the band started playing together in 2006 and since have released two fulllength albums along with several other vinyls. They’ve been very busy bringing us those catchy pop songs that keep the crowd dancing.

The members of the band include Joshua Hodges, Shawn Glassford, Keil Corcoran and Patrick Morris. For five years they’ve been on a constant cycle of recording and touring. Now, after putting the finishing touches on an upcoming album due out this year, they’re making a debut at the Wild Buffalo on Oct. 20.

Their latest album release, Reptillians, is a smooth, upbeat ride along the electronic, indie genre. As usual, the album contains several samples of british philosopher, Alan Watts, coupled with synths, guitars, a funky baseline and punchy drums. It’s a dynamic album of headbobbers and laid back electronic. They’re currently signed with Polyvinyl Records who’s roster includes Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Deerhoof, Of Montreal, Japandroids, Casiokids, Xiu Xiu and others.

The band has been gaining popularity on the blogosphere and have attracted thousands of fans on websites such as The Hype Machine. But before becoming Starfucker, several members were already getting their first taste of stardom in other bands. Hodges was creating a buzz on the music scene after releasing two albums under the name Sexton Blake. Morris was also making noise in a different band called Strength.

Thankfully, the guys came together for Starfucker in 2006, which initially sparked some controversy over whether the band name was appropriate. Eventually they went so far as to changing it to Pyramid or Pyramiddd for a short stint before reverting back to Starfucker or STRFKR.

Tickets for STRFKR with special guest Onuinu are on sale now on the Wild Buffalo website for $12.