Sugar Sugar Sugar – Self Titled

Sugar Sugar Sugar’s self-titled cassette exudes badass. While it may be difficult for some to acquire the tapes (and the album is available for purchase on their bandcamp), I highly recommend it. Formed in Bellingham in 2007, they consistently churn out music that feels fresh and joyfully rock-and-roll. The band features Andru Creature on lead vocals and bass, Justin Verlanic of guitar and backup vocals, and Lupe Flores on drums and backup vocals – all experienced musicians with a mature and enticing sound. Their sound harkens back to the sexy side of 1960s and 70s rock and instantly engaging. A spell gets cast over the listener, immediately resulting in the urge to dance complete with head bobs and sultry stares.
Creature is displays a plethora of vocal abilities that include strong falsetto, steady crooning, the occasional gritty roar and triumphant consistency. Verlanic seduces with each note of the guitar. And Flores creates a gleeful foundation to tie everything together. Just heavy enough to create a strong presence, Sugar Sugar Sugar sounds like a modern day T. Rex. Each band members is engaged in an earnest dance as the individual instruments are prominently highlighted while still inclusive. The album is more fun than one initially expects with a nice range within the tracks in both duration and tone. My particular favorites include “Radio on Fire” and “Sexy Time.” Listening to this album evokes a particular urge to just…do something! To create art, make a mess, run around, partake in bit of chaos and then carry on with the day as normal as can be. Sugar Sugar Sugar would be especially fun to listen to on headphones while walking around; no one would truly know the sheer musical enjoyment you are experiencing in your ears. A certain audience will immediately be drawn to their sound, but everyone can indulge in the guilty pleasure that Sugar Sugar Sugar’s sexy album provides.
Released on C.A.L.I. Records
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