Sunshine – Sunshine

Comprised of Jesse Denison and James Melloh, Sunshine has a cool spacey sound locked down. What they don’t have, however, is a strong presence and that is essential to their success. A facebook following of 50 people with a few scattered shows throughout town isn’t enough to impress a reluctant listener. The key is to lock someone in a room, head to their bandcamp page, and press play. Sunshine’s self-titled album is mainstream enough to appeal to the casual listener while still maintaining individuality. Sunshine’s sound is really nice. “Nice” is often used as a synonym for “so-so” or “pass ,” I believe that Sunshine is nice in the best sense. My ears are pleased and my mind is content while listening to this album. There are no dramatic interludes or sudden tone changes. The vocals seem a bit far reaching at times, but overall they’re a soothing compliment to the synth-heavy tracks.
With song titles like, “Reflections on Nothing” and “Violent Silence,” it’s hard not to chuckle a bit. Sunshine is already a funny name and their album is has humorous titles that are probably meant to be serious and obscure. “Lost in the Sound” is a especially engaging track with precise lyrics and a steady beat. Sunshine’s Sunshine is scattered yet focus. The duo sound experienced and comfortable with one another as the fuzzy guitar and synth are weave effortlessly together. The entire album could be comfortably dispersed amongst an indie film soundtrack, particularly in scenes where the protagonist is aimlessly staring out the window of a car embarking on a road trip.
Three immediate reactions are achieved with to this album. 1. Giggling before listening. 2. Interest and appreciation during listening. 3. Indignation after listening at the lack of exposure. Sunshine! Go share your album with everyone. Go play a ton of shows. Go heavily promote your music on college radio, facebook, twitter and more. Their potential is great and seized opportunities are the next step.
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