The Company Corporation – Human Resources Department EP

The instrumental tapestry that The Company Corporation constructs in each song is remarkable. In three songs they manage to build some easy-going instrumentals while keeping the attention of the listener.
Throughout the EP, the vocals seem unable to keep up with the powerful background. Vocalist Kreg Pressley’s shivering voice interrupts the rest of the music by eliminating any and all impact. While the rest of the band sounds like a primitive Explosions In The Sky, Pressely’s warble partially washes out the rest of the music, making him simultaneously the focus and musical sore-spot. Aside from that, the vocals sound half-hearted and timid, which makes it difficult to listen to the EP. “Snakecharmer” opens with some basic instrumentation that transforms into sounding powerful and interesting but, suddenly, the vocals start to drag down the rest of the music. Pressely provides a successful contribution on “Hitch Your Wagon” by toning himself down and signing in his proper register instead of trying forcibly use his falsetto.
The Company Corporation definitely have some room to grow but this EP is a relaxing introduction.