The Librarians: March 31st at Honeymoon

You can never go wrong with The Librarians. Anytime I have ever seen them, they are always laid-back, relaxed and beautiful performances. Always intimate and always engaging. The show in the warm presence of the Honey Moon on the sweet new sound system was no exception.
Carly James’ voice sounded like a relaxed Neko Case. Hypnotic. A voice you hear as you wake up from a dream and try to figure which reality it was from. Kevin’s guitar playing framed and accented perfectly, purring like a cat under the covers. Ivy’s percussion was right on, perfect volume for the room and turned throughout the music like pebbles in a Zen rock garden. Sitting in on keyboards was the always excellent Jan Peters, who traded off solos and filled in the spaces with grace and charm.
But the night belonged to Joel Ricci. His muffled trumpet was full of a mournful and sublime sound that worked its way through every song with pure grace. Simultaneously reminiscent of Miles Davis and Calexico. During the convivial drinking song about Route 66, he walked out into the crowd, toasting with one hand, playing trumpet with the other.
Another great show by one of Bellingham’s best bands.