The Offshoots-Room To Grow

The Offshoots sound like they’ve mastered a blend of soul-infused rock. The Offshoots sound like a festival band in the best possible way. They bring a signature energy within their music that suggests each musician is having an absolute blast. I also get the sense that every band member is incredibly talented but humble enough to share the spotlight accordingly. Even from the album opener, “Proximity Alert,” Beth Schramer’s voice is lively and powerful, ranging from classic rock to blues influenced to sixties pop sometimes all in the same song.

The Offshoots make the claim that their music is “an offshoot” of their own personal tastes and they take it seriously. Actually, listening through their record is almost like listening to a radio station that focuses primarily on classic acts. In fact, I had to check to make sure these weren’t just a bunch of covers because they possess a sense of familiarity. From the vague disco-influenced “Earth Quakin’ Love” to country rock “Steely Man,” The Offshoots touch on many different sounds.

The Offshoots have a solidified sound that they present in high quality recording and skilled musicianship. They blast through different sounds with ease and I wouldn’t be surprised if they played festivals like Folklife in the coming year.