The Underground

According to The Underground owner Brian Tines, the club recently started featuring live music. Focusing heavily on DJ sets, The Underground started booking shows that begin earlier in the evening to allow DJs later in the night. “We’ve always had DJs but at some point we wanted to start putting live music on,” says Tines, “That’s when we added early shows.”
For music lovers, this is a fantastic opportunity to view a variety of music in one night. “If we have a cover charge for the early show, you’ll be given access to the DJ set as well as The Royal,” says Tines, who owns both establishments.
“I’m really open to having all sorts of acts come through,” says Tines, “As long as their music isn’t really offensive or something, I’m interested in booking all sorts of bands.”
In fact, Tines’ interest in diversity has led to booking a hypnotist for Saturday, April 7.
“We’ll see how that goes,” he says, “If the turn-out is good we might look into it a bit more. We’re also thinking about the possibility of booking comedians.” Tines explains that these shows are meant for an older crowd who may not be able to attend concerts that end well after midnight. “I don’t think we’re trying to be a ‘different’ venue, we just have a different market,” he says, “I was really pleased with the two early shows we’ve had so far.”
The Underground opened last October in the former Nightlight space, so Tines explains that the venue is still growing into itself. “We’re still evolving and trying to establish our reputation,” he says, “I can’t say for certain but I would like to deal with more nationally known acts as well as local DJs and talent.”
Tines adds he is interested in hosting a wide range of acts. “We already have a Johnny Cash cover band booked for September,” he says, “I hope to keep our schedule full of different genres.”