Welcome to McGanLand – Demo

By Johnny Quimond

Welcome to MCGanLand begins with one of my favorite lyrical intros in a while, and as a result does indeed manage to “welcome.” Conceptually, Welcome attempts to cover plenty familiar ground while constantly reminding that Gan is part thug, part martyr, and part poet – with the hopes of having his cake and eating it too.
Welcome has plenty of hard edge, backed with flossy pop-infused electronic junkets, guns, threats, prayers, boasts of partying down all night, pleasin’ the ladies, luv for blazin’ while plotting the next hustle, and of course plenty of the requisite trash talking about how much better Gan’s game is. However, Gan never forgets what the people really want: stories backed by a uniquely identifiable West-coast lean.
Welcome is a 14 tracks effort, and while many artists would struggle to put out a strong album with this many tracks – in fact it would be easy to assume that anyone who attempts to put out so many tracks would suffer from lack of quality – Gan manages to keep it interesting with quality production and strong featured guests, notably T.E.K. and Delusional.
Like many hip-hop artist dedicated to their game, Gan has “that” interesting ability to put complex word couplets together, and his skill for “flow” and recognizable voice allow us to relate to his personal woes (Welcome to McGanLand), view of street and cultural (Heaven Knows), and the rewards of hustling (Believe in me) to anyone who has a set of ears and heart.
Self Released