Wicked J-Wicked Sictape

Wicked J
Wicked Sictape

Though Wicked J’s name is predominantly on the record, Wicked Sictape is meant to serve as a sampler for the Infectid Records family, featuring artists like Hush Hush, 6 Feet Deep, and Sempf Geko.

Wicked J plays his character really well, a character that seems to be based on what would happen if Birdman were born in a Walmart and then lived there for the duration of his childhood. As the ringleader of the mixtape, he hones in on a false sense of celebrity while calling out all the haters and, above all, keeping it really real by wearing clothes that have his name all over them. Wicked J even raps that he “Once killed a man dead/for some shit that he said,” on “Lyrical Destruction,” which might be the most complex thought he’s ever rhymed about. Also, any MC that names a track “Lyrical Destruction” and then fails to actually prove any ability to mold the language to their benefit is sort of like the hip-hop version of “Ironic” by Alanis Morissette.  Wicked J also includes his son, Lil’ Wicked (actual name Blaze) on “Black Belt” where the kid spits the most original, freshest bars on the whole tape.   Lil’ Wicked exudes originality, spitting bar after bar about earning his black belt and encouraging others to reach for their goals. His placement seems oddly superior next to underdeveloped rappers like Loc Saint and Crack Rock. Similarly, the auto-tuned pile of garbage that is “Ugly Face” by 6 Feet Deep and Hush Hush is all you need to hear to understand the shoddy workmanship of the rest of the MCs. They are unintelligible cretins and really, truly not worth anyone’s time whatsoever. This mixtape made me sad for Bellingham’s hip hop community because I know it can reach much, much further than this