Yogoman Burning Band – 4 Piece Chicken Dinner

Yogoman Burning Band is a regular fixture in the Bellingham music scene, as well as a respected group in the larger musical arena beyond our town’s borders. Their positive and inclusive approach to music is what keeps their fans who are initially drawn in by the ska-inspired and soulful sound. To summarize their appeal, YMBB is pure fun.
Consequently, their live album titled 4 Piece Chicken Dinner was a brilliant idea. The live album, recorded last summer at Boundary Bay, truly gives the listener an experience; alternating between songs and witty banter. A live album is risky in many ways. Errors and mistakes cannot be easily disguised. In Yogoman Burning Band’s case, the execution was seamless. Each song was a crowd-pleaser. At the time of the recording, the band featured Jordan Rain, Mars Lindgren, Norah McLaughlin, and Thomas Deakin – a formidable line up that never recorded in the studio. (YBB has since gone through a line up change with Jordan and Mars the only remaining members from when this album was recorded.)
As musicians, the four piece are uncontested as top notch. Each musician is aware of their own instruments as well as the sound of their band mates. It is immediately apparent how comfortable the band feels playing together. And alas, there is the downfall of a live album. The audience sounds like they are increasingly having so much fun and I’m increasingly getting more jealous. It is almost annoying because the crowd’s enjoyment is practically bursting from the recording, and yet I am getting bored sitting here listening to all the fun. I would rather see Yogoman Burning Band live and thankfully in Bellingham, it is possible.
Self Released
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