Beat Connection

Beat Connection originally began as a duo with Jordan Koplowitz and Reed Juenger. The two met on the first day of school in 2008 at the University of Washington and bonded over their mutual interests in music and DJing. The two-piece soon began working on music together under the name “Beat Connection” inspired by an LCD Soundsystem song. With hardwork and Garageband, they eventually recorded their first EP, Surf Noir.

They self-released the record in the summer of 2010 and quickly caught the eye of a UK record label by that April of 2011. Since then, Beat Connection is released through Tender Age records outside of the United States, which an imprint to the UK label Moshi Moshi Records. Notable alums of Moshi Moshi include Bloc Party, Florence and the Machines, Hot Chip and Au Revoir Simone. Thanks to those UK hustlers, Beat Connection’s UK fan base is rather large. This was made apparent in May of 2011, when the band went on a three week tour of the UK and Paris where they found people at those international shows who actually knew lyrics of many songs. During that experience the group performed with many acclaimed artists, like Toro Y! Moi and Holy Ghost!.

With quick growth and dynamic production, the duo organically grew into a quartet. Through school, Jordan met Tom Eddy, a singer/songwriter and guitarist and Reed met Jarred Katz, a drummer. Tom was in fact featured on the only two non-instrumental tracks from the Surf Noir EP, “In The Water” and “Silver Screen”. In September of 2011, Jordan and Reed were about to embark on a US tour as openers for Starfucker; consequently they decided to take their sound to the next level and asked Jared to join the group. In November of that same year, the group realized that a vocalist was the last necessary ingredient and Tom was naturally the only candidate. Finally the formula was set and good things continued to happen to the talented group.

In March of 2012, the group completed their first full-length album Palace Garden. It was released worldwide last August and feedback was overall quite positive. A buzz band that proved themselves, Beat Connection are constantly working hard. Management-wise, they take the task amongst themselves and also work with a booking agent. Taking many responsibilities in their own hands, Palace Garden was recorded, produced and mixed entirely by the band. The musical process is very collaborative as well as members work on music separately with Jordan and Reed as the main songwriters, then they come together and cohesively create. Although their musical journey has been a bit of a whirlwind, Beat Connections firmly believes in “balancing out our goals with reality. We want to focus on quality music and not just deadlines”. Quality music is definitely delivered, as listeners are whisked away on a delightful mind vacation, assisted by the carefully crafted electro-pop sounds. A decidedly Seattle band, Beat Connection has no connection to the typical dark and grungy stereotype of the city as they radiate sunshine. Listing other Seattle bands they admired, the group mentioned Fleet Foxes, Domokos and IG88 (Seattle or Bellingham associated, he rules either way) among a few.

Beat Connection is not the sole focus of the band members. Reed and Jarred are currently in their last year at UW, Tom resides in Seattle and Jordan is bouncing between his hometown Bellingham and Seattle. Jordan currently has a side project under the DJ moniker, No Pressure. He made his official public debut at The Wild Buffalo on Monday, October 15th playing his favorite and weirdest 90s house music. Reed is working on a UK garage type of project called Dutty Wilderness. The two plan to have a split release soon. Tom is focusing on his own solo project simply as Tom Eddy, making moves in the musical world having most recently performed at City Arts Festival. Last but definitely not least, Jarred is collaborating with various music groups as he studies Jazz at the U. With all of their individual projects, they are constantly gaining information and expanding themselves as musicians.

Be sure to catch them headlining at The Wild Buffalo on Friday, Nov. 9 along with Teen Daze and Odesza. Jordan is particularly excited about this show since Bellingham is his hometown and he subtly emphasized, “People in Bellingham should listen to Beat Connection because it is a way to get away in your mind from what is going on outside of your realm. Especially in Bellingham when it gets super dark and rainy; come and reminisce about the good times in the sun!” His claims are bold but there is only one way to decide for yourself. Listeners and attendees alike, be prepared to enjoy yourselves.


You can catch Beat Connection at The Wild Buffalo on November 9 with Teen Daze and Odesza. For more information, check out