Bloodshot: The Endangered Species Mixtape

Bloodshot’s The Endangered Species Mixtape is alright. Bloodshot is a Bellingham/Seattle rapper who was born in Orcas Island, and active in the Bellingham Sunday Cypher crew. The mixtape features local talent listing Dontay, Jesus Chris Willis, DJ Idlhnds, Rawjawz, Thaddeus and Nina F. However, when you glance at the bandcamp page where the album is available, none of the listed tracks say who is collaborating where. Due to the inefficient track listing is that I can’t tell who is on what song. It is even initially difficult to determine who “Bloodshot”, the main focus, is. That should never be an issue for rapper. Identity and individuality is your main strengths.

Talent is not absent here. The beats are varied, catchy and detailed. The lyrics are nicely enunciated and I actually want to pay attention to what they are saying. I want to give this a fair chance. But the display makes my toes curl. It is not apparent what the purpose of this mixtape is. Perhaps it is just supposed to be a fun project amongst friends. Or perhaps it is meant to be spread across the greater Northwest hip hop community. One cannot tell how seriously to take this.

Endangered Species was released at the end of July this past summer. The release features 16 tracks, which is a large number to demand from a listener during this musical-ADD day and age. There is a lack of cohesiveness between tracks, as they take different directions. Another weak part of the mixtape is the track “Supafly Betty”. At first, I was really excited to hear a female MC on this cut, something that is not represented enough in hip hop. But this is quite cringe-worthy. Being a girl in the hip hop scene is tough because there are so many stereotypes to try and avoid. But Nina F. contributes to those stereotypes as she talks smack against “crooked hookers” who are hating; she “got your man crushin’”; and she is “wrapping circles around b***hes”. It’s unnecessary. Instead of hating on your fellow females, why not express how you can keep up with the boys? The sample-heavy mixes are beautifully put together, however. Gotta love those.

This album is free and not all bad. I firmly believe in presentation in order showcase great talent. Bloodshot has the latter and needs to work on the other if he is truly attempting to make moves.