DJ Idlhnds: Both Feet Forward

DJ Idlhnds’ release Both Feet Forward offers a little bit of everything for those who like darker post-apocalyptic beats to someone looking for an up-beat ode to a good day. The album is an eclectic mash that doesn’t take itself too seriously, offering a relaxing listen that matches the slower prose of DJ Idlhnds.

“Gearhead Grind” kicks off the album with a solemn beat and classically inflated lyrics like, “I save cash, burn through stacks like wood piles.” The fact that the second track, “Come Along,” reverses directions so drastically is what I really liked about the album. The chorus by Ashley Hoppes crooning, “Do you wanna come with Idlhnd’s, you should come with Idlhands, he wants you come along, come along long children come along,” is particularly head nod inducing.  With friendlier lyrics like, “Both feet forward, never a bad day, woke up with a smile found a nug in the ash tray” the song “Both Feet Forward,” shows Idlhnd’s playful side. “A Lil K.I.M.” stands out as the only rap free track, dedicated to chorus and scratching.  The speed and veracity of Idlhnds rhymes in  “Wusyaname” really sticks out. The flows are tight and fast and it would be nice to see some of that precision injected into his future work.

More than anything Both Feet Forward is a fun listen touching on many key points of the hip-hop and rap genre. When you factor in the price tag of zero dollars, it’s a cost effective way to brighten up a cloudy afternoon.