Joy Kills Sorrow: Unreasonably good

There’s something beautiful in the indefinable. That band that eludes the easy label instead floating effortlessly through different styles and sounds, weaving them together to create a sound genuinely all their own. While many (MANY) bands have tried, it takes a band with unbelievable talent and songwriting skill to actually pull it off. Joy Kills Sorrow is just that band – blending indie, folk, bluegrass, jazz and Americana in way that only they can, create a sound that is distinctly their sound. And a beautiful sound it is.

The band, which hails primarily from Boston, is comprised of Matthew Arcara (guitar), Emma Beaton (vocals), Bridget Kearney (bass), Wesley Corbett (banjo) and Jacob Jolliff (banjo, mandolin). While Beantown is their hub, they spend as much time on the road as possible, making their practice schedule a little unique. “We are on the road so much we can only find time to practice on the road, then we’re off,” said Beaton.

The expertise of Joy Kills Sorrow goes beyond the band’s recordings and live shows – all five are supremely talented in their own right. Wesley Corbett (who tours with two other bands along with Joy Kills Sorrow) also teaches banjo at Berkley School of Music, Matthew Arcara has competed in multiple guitar competitions and won the Winfield’s National Flatpicking Championship in 2006, Emma Beaton, was nominated for “Traditional Vocalist of the Year” at the Canadian Folk Music Awards 2010 and won “Young Performer of the Year” at the age of 18 at the Canadian Folk Music Awards 2008, Bridget Kearney won the John Lennon songwriting competition in 2006 and Jacob Jolliff who has toured professionally since the age of 11. Bringing that level of talent together in one room allows Joy Kills Sorrow to move beyond the norms of music, “We are not trying to play the standard,” stated Beaton.

The most recent triumphs of Joy Kills Sorrow has been the release of the album This Unknown Science, followed by the making of a music video for the song “Jason” which was premiered on Joy Kills Sorrow was able to record This Unknown Science at the Great North Sound Society, a converted barn in central Maine with a live-in facility, allowing musicians to focus on their music without the commute or stress of everyday life.

“It’s much easier to focus on the music when you’re sequestered in a farmhouse for 10 days,” said Beaton. While there the band worked with producer Sam Kassirer who has worked with such artists as Josh Ritter and Longhorn Slim.  Kassirer, who also helped with the production of the “Jason” video, has been an asset for the band.  Having the music video premier on was exciting for the group and allows the access of JOY KILLS SORROW music to be more available and notable for the band.

Moving all across the country the pop/folk scene differs and provides a wide horizon of experience and opportunities for JOY KILLS SORROW, which you can hear and recognize while listening to them.  “There is a community all across the country, and the acoustic scene now seems wider,” said Beaton.

Joy Kills Sorrow, a brilliant band full of brilliant musicians making brilliant music. It’s as simple as that.